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  • My Music 1999-2016; three albums of original guitar music; two albums of solo piano music.
  • Jam Samples 2000-2013; recordings from live jam sessions in my studio, the Maple Room.
  • Rehearsal Recordings 2001-2009; recordings from rehearsals of the church band, modern praise/worship music.
  • The Mansion Reunion 2000; 25th year reunion of our high-school rock band.
  • Solo Piano, Classical 1997; recordings of some classical piano pieces I used to play.
  • Freelance 1984-1986; variety band.
  • Shadowfax 1979-1980; rock band (mostly Beatles and Elvis music) during my last year in college.
  • Purple Haze Rock Band 1976-1977; my first rock band, in college.
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