My Studio: The Maple Room

The Maple Room is my music and recording studio. I built the studio to work on music projects and to capture great musical moments in jam sessions.

Construction of the Maple Room studio began in November 1998. It was completed in April 1999.

Jack Weyant was leader of the construction team — one of the hardest working and smartest people I've ever known. With all the crazy angles, tons of drywall, intricate suspended structures, unusual acoustic materials, and double-decoupled walls, the studio was no ordinary construction job.

The Maple Room was a dream come true for me — a guy who had always worked in bedroom, living room, basement, and dorm room studios. Finally, a real, state-of-the-art studio — a place where I can create music and a place where friends can come and jam, and have nothing to drag along. No set up or tear down. Just music and good times.

Frank Leister 2020