Jimi Harris, 1976

In 1976, Jimi Harris (aka James Harris, Jim Harris, Jimmy Harris) was a Junior from Pittsburgh PA, majoring in social work. Before attending Lock Haven State College, Jimi graduated from Homestead high school, near Pittsburgh PA. Jimi's dad worked in the steel mills.

Jimi played an early 1970's Fender Precision bass with black tape-wound strings. He had no case for the bass and he borrowed a Sunn 200-S bass amplifier and 2x15 cabinet from fellow student David Lepley.

You can contact Jimi at this email address: [ skorky749 ] [ at ] [ gmail dot com ]

Frank & Jimi reunited in 2014. It had been 34 years since we'd seen each other.

Below is a picture at a jam session in 1980. The last time we saw each other.