In April 1984, I became a full-time musician.

For a couple years, I was a busy yet starving artist.

Everything changed when music and computers began to mesh.

In the summer of 1988 I wrote a simple genealogy app as a favor for my mother-in-law and as a project to learn programming on the Apple Macintosh.

The app eventually became Reunion, which blossomed over the years, selling all around the world. For 10 years Reunion was featured on the shelves of every Apple Store and has, for all these years, been the highest-rated family tree software for the Mac.

During the past several years, the seeds of Reunion have sprouted ReunionTouch, a new app for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

If you have a family and you use a Mac, we have the apps for you.

More information about Reunion is here.

Frank Leister 2017